Finally, the Cray bait is here.

Rumour has it, little crayfish are a favourite cuisine for a lot of our most popular bottom dwelling reef fish. Tuskfish, W.A. Dhufish, Snapper, Baldchin and Blue Grouper, Coral Trout, Emperor, Cod- the list goes on.

Until now these prime baits were off limits and using them could get your boat confiscated quicker than you can say ‘foul hooked’.

Enter Hunt Tackle.

Over the last few years we have developed a baby crayfish imitation so lifelike and with such an alluring action that no one ever need think about using the real thing again. Made from scent infused, buoyant and extremely durable ‘tooth proof’ TPE material, coupled with glow and UV colours these things just get eaten.

Join the Kacka revolution.


• 6″/15cm
• Buoyant
• Scented
• UV and Glow Colours