Fishing shirts your Pop would be proud of.

If you’re anything like us, bright colourful fishing shirts just may not be your cup of tea. Here at Hunt Tackle Concepts, we believe the uniform of Australia’s fisherman is, and always has been- The Flanno.

Now, while nothing can beat the warmth and comfort of a well worn flannelette shirt in the winter, it’s not exactly designed for warm summer days or our brothers and sisters in the north. But don’t panic, we’ve designed a shirt that looks as good, is as comfortable, and as functional as your favourite flanno.

With breathable UPF 30+ fabric, a long cut in sizes large and above (so you don’t get a burnt arse crack) and two zippered front pockets, I can guarantee these shirts will make you the envy of any self respecting fisho.


• Sizes Small – 3XL
• Breathable UPF 30+
• 2x Zippered pockets
• Long cut in size large and over
• Grey or Red (more colours coming soon)
• Wearable to the pub