Someone please think of the Squids!

Squid, there’s not too many fish swimming that would turn down a feed of fresh calamari. And who can blame them, they’re delicious. But with a lifespan of only a year these tasty cephalopods should be out living their best life, not drowning in a pool of their own ink on a super trawler to end up as a box of stinky bait.

Next time you head out fishing, instead of going for that same dirty old bait, consider a Hunt Tackle Concepts Squidee.

These squid imitation soft plastics are made of super durable ‘tooth proof’ TPE material, allowing you to catch fish after fish on the same lure without having to re-rig. Packed with squid scentUV and glow colours as well as the Squidee’s unique flaps that imitate a fleeing squid when moving and has a defensive cephalopod pose at rest.

Save a life today, use Squidees.


• 4.5″/12cm
• Buoyant
• Scented
• UV and Glow Colours